Didactic Year Course List

Fall Semester (Total 30 credits)

BIOL 5529Regional Anatomy & Histology & Lab4 cr
BIOL 5563Human Pathophysiology & Lab4 cr
BIOL 5564Lectures in Human Physiology4 cr
PAS 6601Intro to Physician Assistant7 cr
PAS 6602Evidence-based Medicine and Biostatistics3 cr
PAS 6603Clinical Assessment6 cr
PAS 6604Pharmacology2 cr
SPAN 5510Spanish for the Health Professions (Optional) 2 cr

Spring Semester Modules (Total 31 credits)

PAS 6630Allergy/Immunology Module1 cr
PAS 6631Infectious Disease Module2 cr
PAS 6632Hematology/Oncology Module2 cr
PAS 6633Endocrinology Module2 cr
PAS 6634Renal Module2 cr
PAS 6635Pulmonary Module3 cr
PAS 6636Cardiology Module4 cr
PAS 6637Gastroenterology Module4 cr
PAS 6638ENT Module2 cr
PAS 6640Rheumatology Module2 cr
PAS 6641Orthopedics Module2 cr
PAS 6642Psychiatry Module3 cr
PAS 6645Ophthalmology Module1 cr
PAS 6656Alternative/Occupational Medicine Module1 cr
SPAN 5510 Spanish for the Health Professions (Optional) 21 cr

Summer Semester Modules (Total 23 credits)

PAS 6639Dermatology Module2 cr
PAS 6643Genitourinary Module4 cr
PAS 6646Neurology Module2 cr
PAS 6650Obstetrics/Perinatology Module1 cr
PAS 6651Pediatrics Module2 cr
PAS 6652Geriatrics Module1 cr
PAS 6653Surgery Module2 cr
PAS 6654Emergency Medicine Module8 cr
PAS 6657Comprehensive Evaluation1 cr


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