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Laboratory Instructor Training

Regardless of a student’s future pursuits in the field of biology, the introduction to biological processes and protocols in a laboratory setting can only expand a student’s view of the world. Therefore, the effective implementation of introductory biology laboratories (BIOL 1100L, 1101L, & 1102L) at ISU is necessary if students are to acquire a basic foundation in biology.

Adjunct, GTA, and CPI instructor contracts are 18 weeks long. During those 18 weeks, it is contractually expected that instructors teach all the labs they are on contract for, grade all assignments, and attend lab meetings. GTA and CPI instructors are also required to attend the course lecture, attend 208 tutoring/office hours, and proctor exams. Please review the mandatory responsibilities (1-14) below:

1. Take the Graduate Teaching Assistant Seminar (BIOL 5514) during the Fall semester of your first teaching assignment.
2. Fill in the forms:
A. Contact
B. Weekly schedule

Be prepared for and attend the instructor meetings each week:
A. During the first meeting you will be assigned a key to the teaching laboratory, a textbook, and an instructor manual.
B. Read the instructor notes and task sheet found in the instructor manual.
C. Access and review the lab content in the Google Drive lab folder including the Troubleshooting document.


Foster a comfortable learning environment:
A. Laboratory Rules
B. Academic Dishonesty
C. Disruptive Behavior


Understand and maintain:
A. Laboratory safety
B. Campus safety

6. Participate in laboratory set up and maintenance during the instructor meetings and during your assigned lab sections.
7. Use Moodle as a grade book and enter assignment grades in a timely manner (see grading schedule in instructor manual).

Review the stockroom policies and procedures for:
A. Pocatello
B. Idaho Falls


Learn about and use the laboratory equipment correctly:
A. Microscopes & LAS EZ software (1100L, 1101L, & 1102L)
B. Micropipettes (1100L & 1101L)
C. Vernier Logger Pro, Go!Link & sensors: pH, O2, CO2, Gas, Conductivity (1100L &1101L)
D. AVer Vision F17HD Document Camera, Sphere 2 Software (1102L)
E. Spectrophotometer Genesys 20 (1101L)

10. Review the information about:
A. Important departmental lab contacts
B. Lab attendance
C. Accreditation
D. Seating
E. Computer Problems
F. CPI UGTA positions
G. Registration
11. Hold one tutoring/office hour per week in LS 208.
12. Proctor lecture exams.
13. Attend the course lecture.  If you have attended the lecture (as a graduate student) in a previous semester you are not required to attend the lecture unless the new instructor of record for the course requires your attendance.
14. Find a substitute if unable to teach your lab section due to an illness (see schedules).  All other reasons must be approved by the department chairs, the lecture instructors, and the lab coordinator.
Last Modified: 4/13/2017