Biological Sciences

Using Moodle

All 1100, 1101, and 1102 lab instructors will access Moodle to enter grades. Grades must be entered into Moodle each week because the students will be checking regularly. Please make sure grades are entered before the following lab period. To make entering grades easier it is recommended that you add students to your lab sections using Moodle groups. Instructors must export and save their gradebook from Moodle at least once a week in case a server error occurs. It is the responsibility of the lab instructor to recover any lost grade data. Mass emails can be sent to all lab sections or each section separately using Quickmail (found at the top of the left navigation bar of the Moodle web site for the lab). Final lab grades must be completed and entered into Moodle the Monday of finals week.

Accessing Moodle
1 Go to Moodle.
2 Use your ISU email address and password to log on.
3 Click on the course link found under the My courses heading.
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Adding Students to Moodle Groups (lab sections)
You will need to add the students that are in your assigned lab section to Moodle Groups:
1 On the main page of the course click on the Groups link in the left navigation bar under the Users drop down menu.



Create your section by clicking on the Create groups button.

Create groups


After creating your section click on the Add/remove users button under the 'Members of' box.


A list of all of the students in the course will appear in the 'Members of' box. Hold down the control button on your keyboard and click on the name of each student in your section. Click the Add button


5 Repeat for all of your assigned lab sections.
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Entering Grades
1 Click on the Grades link on the left navigation bar.



A new navigation winow will open. Clink on Grader report and enter yoru grades there:


3 In the upper left corner there is a drop down menu called Visible Group. Select your section from this menu (only one section or all sections can be viewed).


4 In the upper right corner click the Turn editing on button. Each cell in the spreadsheet will become active and you can enter grades by tabbing through a column.Edit
5 At the bottom of the page click the Update button once you have entered the grades. Edit
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Using Quickmail
Click on the Compose New Email link under the Quickmail heading.


2 Click your groups (sections) from the Potential Groups menu then click the Add button.
3 Scroll to the bottom of the page. Enter a subject and compose an email.

Click on the Send Email button.

send email

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Exporting files

Click on the Grades link on the left navigation bar.


2 Select your section from the Visible Groups drop-down menu. groups
3 Select Export and choose Excel spreadsheet.

Click on the Download button.


Last Modified: 8/16/16