Black Rock & Sage


Black Rock & Sage 2002


Creative Nonfiction
Casey Santee Between Us
Brandon Hall, Cow Town

April Richardson, Of A Morning
Leslie Leek, Sweet Talk

Michael Sowder, Interview with Ford Swetnam

Derek Sheffield, Long Distance, The Grasshopper
Sachiko Fukuoka, Cherry Blossoms, Moon-viewing Night
Jerad Dunnohew, ’ Ode to my Composition Notebook, untitled
Thomas Klein, My Therapy; or How do you know when you've had enough coffee?, This is none other than the house
of God, Lido Pocatello
Tim Ostenson, untitled, untitled, about anthropology
Max Granger, untitled, untitled, Uncertainty
Marcelle Homer, Two Short Kids, Arrhythmia, Fear
James Lai, Flush and Rush of the Rising sun
C. Donovan, White On Rice, From The Postcard Poems: Problems With Scale, Ash Wednesday
Jerry Mathes II, Life Between the Lines, Flat Tires I Have Known, Casting to Eternity
Tree Waters, The Kiss
Jesse Adanzs, Peer Review
Julie Ann Walker, I Am Old And I Once Lived Here,Guardians
Travis Fronk, Get you Back
David Blake, Combat Zone
Dennis Held, The Critic Speaks, Mr Boo
T. O. Davis, A Boyhood Dream, Stone Roses
Joseph Charles Burgess, astronomical observations
RaeAnn Leach, Sanctuary, The Peach, The Favor
DeLoris Henscheid, Sisters
Chrystal Reece, Sweet, the Loss of Everything, Sanctuary
Maureen Merrell, Tired Estate, Dancing With The Kite
Shirleen Watson, Princess
Jacob H. Haeberle, Aspen and Pine, South Putnam Peak, The Last Breath
B.A. Johnson, untitled, Questions at 13, The Laundry Mat
Kathie Fullmer, Happy New Year, Grown Up, Big Brother
Dawn Lattin, The Dusty Madonna
Diana Shanahan, Undeveloped Picture
Adrienne Platero, Pheasant, Walking to my Uncle Dave ‘s farm, Southern Arizona
Steven E. Puglisi, WINTER, Schoolhouse Blues, Song
Will Peterson, Cafe On The Ringstrasse