Black Rock & Sage


Black Rock & Sage 2003


Creative Nonfiction
Rachel Lloyd, Under the Avocado

Michael Corrigan, Death in Berlin

Michael Sowder, Interview With Rick Ardinger of Limberlost Press

Margaret Aho, At 90, my mother's almost
Cynthia Atchley, Nothing to Fear
JC Burgess, dead reckoning
Wes Connally, Kitty's Surprise
T O. Davis, Ye 01' Tool Shed
Lisa Fielding, An Old Man Playing Checkers with a Young Man
Ryan Fowler, Behind Your Back
Tim Ostenson, Falling Down Bitter
Sachiko Fukuoka, One Thousand Paper Cranes, Tanabata
Nancy Goodman, 3 lines about peanuts, 6 lines about storms
Max Granger, Untitled
Jen Hawkins, It was a girl, really
Kake Huck, An Object at the Center of Someone's Vision, Grief's Tarot
Dan Hunt, Hiking Moonlight When It Should Be Skied
Andy Jorgensen, If I Were Blind
Joan Juskie, The Mystery Sock in My Clean Laundry
Anne Kratz, Like Crush, Passings
RaeAnn Leach, The Apple Pie
Daniel Moore, War
Tim Ostenson, mirrors of a session
Cathy Peppers, The Oracle at Pingree, Worrier's Moon
Will Peterson, The Prairie
Hailey Price, What am I?
David Read, Diner
Susanne Robbins, Purple
Alvaro Rodriguez, Pater
Kathy Schatz, Dimes
Joshua Shatto, Grandma's
Martin Vest, Finger: A Poem of Politics, Wisbbones: For, Anne
Zachary Vineyard, My Star
Kathy Watson, After Words
Karla Windsor, I hate it "when..."
Gustav F. Winterfield, Mountain Places