Black Rock & Sage


Black Rock & Sage 2004


Creative Nonfiction
Jackie Johnson Maughan, Killing My Cat
Kristin Flctcher, Slickrock Journal

Michael Corrigan, April

Kathleen King, Interview with Mary Clearman Blew

Brandon Lamb,Sunrise Mantra, Aztec Sandstone, Portneuf River Blues
Jessica Jensen, Headed through the roughest of thick reed I hold my head high, Lack of Light on Halliday
Rebecca Wampler, Homage to Carl's Fog, Some Haiku
Kelly V. Ricken, A Letter to My Captain, Men, I Must Look Away, Flakes
Andrew Jorgensen, I Like Those Old Guys, Spider
Dawn Lattin, The Cigarette Case
Kathie Fullmer, Double Solitaire, Tough Job
Debbie Brooks, Grandma
Bethany Knighton, Curiosity
Eric Flato, Department Store, While F. D. Takes A Bath
Philip Lovelace, White Elephant Dust
Nancy Bunich, Rift
Andrew Robinson, Grapefruit
T. O. Davis, Church Camp, When We Go to Myanmar
Jerry Vanleperen, Pissing Towards the Sky, Desisted
Angela Gordon, Sleep
Amanda Frandscn, The Leaves Have Fallen
Star Coulbrooke, Always at the Edge of Somewhere Else, Guns at Home, Got Eight Hours
Will Peterson, Postcard From Warm River, Idaho
Daniel Moore, Theatrics of a Morning In Early Spring
Shelley Watson, Puerto Rico
Angela Gordon, Ivy Life
Thomas Klein, Driving to Lava