Black Rock & Sage


Black Rock & Sage 2005



Creative Nonfiction
Jean Braithwaite, FAT: The Story of My Life with My Body [Three Genres Prize Winner: Nonfiction]
Spencer Jay Case, Reflections on the First Day of Basic Training

John Andrew Welhan, Rest Stop
Penny Freeland, The First Coming
Emily Mills, Shelter [Three Genres Prize Winner: Fiction]

Kathleen King, An Interview with Ted Kooser

Walter Bargen, What Happens to Such People
Rachel M Simon, Bread from Many Ovens
David Moss, Reflections in a Dark Room
William J. Peters, Average Odds
Rob Carney, When a Naked Boy Runs, Laughing
Susan Terris, Apples Drop, Smooth, Cheeky
Lyn Barnes, Punk Rock Girl, Stropped [Three Genres Prize Winner: Poetry]
Jeffrey Alfier, The Dental Assistant
Kali Borkoski, Zoo Tiger
Chad Crane, College Kitchen
Cecilia Woloch, Wish, New Year
Will Peterson, Local Knowledge
Ann Lauinger, Pocantico Winter
E. G. Burrows, The Paradise Kennels
Tim Davis, The Horns of Power
Justin Vicari, Sirens
Debbi Spencer, The Blue Broad Sway
Zachary Vineyard, Essay on Dynamics