Black Rock & Sage


Black Rock & Sage 2007


Leslie Leek, Falling In Love with Merle Haggard
Joshua Foster, Anselmo Picks Up Rocks

Steve Montgomery, Boy of Steel

Joan Juskie, Like Wind Through Canyons
Kara McCurdy, Autumn Harmony
Christopher Perkinson, Wish
Carol Collins, White Bloom
Brandon Lamb, Black Birds and Ghost Trees
Ryan Fowler, View From the Basalt Cliffs
Will Peterson, The Poetry Police
Spencer Case, Hero
Jay Bingham, On My Way
Joshua Mayes, Dashboard Jesus
Elizabeth Olson, The Subway
Carol Collins, Snowfall
Joshua Mayes, Thirty Seconds in a Closet
Jonathon Barrett, Birth
Brandon Lamb, Sandstone Ellipses
Carol Collins, On Being Eighty-One
Lori Peck, Blood Cartoon
Michael Stubbs, Lichens
Michael Stubbs, I Spilled My Blood
Ryan Fowler, Hatch
Lynn Veach Sadler, Mad for the Tango
Joseph Hunt, Angela
Laura M. Wiseman, Them
Joshua Mayes, Saying Goodbye to God
Michael Stubbs, The Hermit’s Cave
Ryan Fowler, Bastard Children of the Yellowstone
Judy Brutz, Lights
Christopher Perkinson, Humpty Dumpty's Last Thoughts
Joseph Hunt, Retirement
Elizabeth Olson, Caught
Joan Juskie, Summer
Michael Stubbs, Twin Falls
Will Peterson, The Unpersuadable Deities
Jay Bingham, Passing in Old Age
Carol Collins, A Stand of Birch

Price Hamilton, Cover photo
Roger Boe, Sego Lilies
Roger Boe, Limber Pine in Snowfield
David Clark, Black Truck
Sue Schaffner, Frosty Barbs
Shirley Lund, 1875 (untitled)
Roger Boe, Twin Aspens, Snow Drift Crater
Carol Collins, The Old Fiddle
John Couper, Leonor Has her Eye on You

Margaret Stucki, Dances of Life & Death
Cassandra Warren, Sinking, Sinking
Georgia Orwick, Reflections on Redfish Lake