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Costs for tuition and general fees at
ISU are listed on the Cost of Attendance Page

Undergraduate Application Fee: $75.00

Graduate Application Fee: $55.00

Graduate Course Fees
Dental Hygiene MS - Didactic = $85 per credit
Dental Hygiene MS - Thesis = $170 per credit
Dental Hygiene MS - eISU = $35 per credit


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Why I Chose ISU

"Idaho State University's Dental Hygiene Baccalaureate Program is known for its high standards and challenging program. I wanted an education that would prepare me with the skills and knowledge to be the best dental hygienist I could be, and I believe this Dental Hygiene program has done just that. I am confident in the education I received, and notice doctors also share this same confidence in my education knowing it comes from Idaho State University!"

-Amanda Diaz RDH, BSDH - Class of 2014


"I wouldn't attend, nor recommend any other dental hygiene program. I left Idaho State University with the knowledge and confidence to provide competent dental hygiene treatment to all populations across the United States. Graduating with a bachelor's degree in dental hygiene had opportunities knocking at my door before I had ever left campus. The faculty, staff and curriculum at Idaho State was invaluable to my dental hygiene education."

-Brittney L. Wing, RDH, BSDH - Class of 2013



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