Web Services Council



This Information Section contains valuable documented information concerning guidelines and procedures for system development and a user guide for administrative personnel.

The Access Security section provides access to information related to the security email sent to departments and responsible account holders on a regular basis. It discusses how to interpret the security email information along with the appropriate action. The services included in the security email are HP1, CWIS, ADWin, TAS, DocMan, RealServer, FSTools, Email, Calendar, Remote/Modem Access, and Wireless/DHCP. Also found under this section is a link to a document updated daily that lists all department/group information on our production servers along with the title, location, contacts, primary email contact and membership counts.

The Enterprise Applications User Guide is a collection of documents concerning various topics of interest to administrative personnel. It is not intended to be a complete guide to administrative computing. Application software system documentation is not generally in this User Guide. However it is available on request through the computer administrative support analyst responsible for the maintenance of the specific system. For a list of administrative support analyst responsibilities please refer to the Project Management or Staff sections of this web site.

The Development Guidelines and Procedures section contains documents concerning system development standards which include analysis/programming standards and system/program documentation guidelines. Other documents include information on production processing, job processing, and appendicies that contain information on project proposal submission, analyst review, system design specifications, systems documentation, production batch job headers, and powerhouse source headers.

The Networked Printers section provides a list of printers currently networked to the HP1 Server.

The Miscellaneous System Information section includes several varied documents on a range of topics.

To access the one of these sections click the link below or in the Information link box. If you are having problems and need more information consult the Knowledge Base.