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This web page provides information regarding the security document sent regularly via Email to those individuals responsible for computer access security for their deparrment or selected computer accounts.

Two types of security documents are possible to receive:

  1. ISU Computer Access Security Update - Department
    For more information on this type go to Department Information
  2. ISU Computer Access Security Update - Responsible
    For more information on this type go to Responsible Account Holder Information

If any information reported in one of these documents inaccurate or obsolete, simply send an Email to the ISU Helpdesk. Please identify all corrections in the Email. Again, send an Email ONLY if corrections are needed!

You may also print the document and return it to the ISU Helpdesk by campus mail at Campus Box 8037 or fax at 208-282-3673.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the ISU Helpdesk at 208-282-HELP or Les Wilson, Manager of Enterprise Applications, at 208-282-3934.

PLEASE NOTE: Changes and deletions may require a couple of weeks to process. If urgent changesare warranted, please contact the ISU Helpdesk as soon as possible.

You should receive an Computer Access Security Update document on a regular basis.

Your assistance in this important process is appreciated.

Thank You,

ISU Information Technology Services

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(Updated 04/06/2006)