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Department Information


This web page provides information regarding the department section of the security document sent regularly via Email to those individuals responsible for reviewing access security privileges for their department. This includes an explanation, example listing, definitions, and action recommendations.


The Department Information listed in the document you received via Email was collected to help identify the responsible department for the computer accounts in question, along with contact information for the department, and Email address for the distribution of security related communications.

Please read the When to Take Action section below to determine when concern/contact is warranted. The Department Group Name is found in this section of the document labeled as Dept Group Name. In the example below the group name is ENGLISH.

Example Listing

Department Section
Department Information
Dept Group Name: ENGLISH
Department: English Department
Box Nbr: 8056
Contact 1: Smith, Jane
Phone: (208)282-5555
Contact 2: Smith, John
Phone: (208)282-5556
Dept Email: smitjane@isu.edu
Locations: HP1 / CWIS / ADWin / TAS
Home Page: http://www.isu.edu/english


Dept Group Name
Group name associated with the department
Short description of the department
Box Nbr
Box number for the department
Contact 1
+ Phone
The name and phone number of the primary contact person in the department for security related issues. This is normally the same individual receiving this security Email.
Contact 2
+ Phone
The name and phone number of the secondary contact person in the department for security related issues.
Dept Email
The Email address for this department for security related issues. This is normally the personal Email address for the person listed as Contact 1.
The computer systems on which this group resides. At this time the following are potential systems:
  • HP1 (HP3000 MPEiX Application/Database server),
  • CWIS (HP9000 UNIX Web/File server),
  • ADWin (Administrative Windows 2000 Server).
  • TAS (shared file access on CWIS thru software called TAS).
  • Docman (Electronic Document Storage and Retrieval for reports and images).
  • RServer (Windows server utilized as a Real Server).
    For more information go to: Help Desk Website.
Home Page
Only a subset of all departments will have this item. This item attempts to identify the URL for the department's home web page and will normally only be listed if the Location includes CWIS.

The URL listed for the departmental home page is the standard web address.

Please note: On occasion this link will not work if this group is not a departmental web site.

When to Take Action

If any one of the several situations listed below exist please contact the ISU Helpdesk to have them correct the access. Sending an Email to the ISU Helpdesk, noting changes, is the preferred method of contact. If the situation is considered critical please contact the ISU Helpdesk by phone at 282-HELP.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

(Update: 04/06/2006)