Web Services Council

Enterprise Applications
Development Guidelines and Procedures


Guidelines and procedures are established in the Idaho State University Information Technology Services Enterprise Applications section to serve as a help for administrative and operational action. By using the term "guidelines", it is implied that all content herein will provide responsible management certain latitude in decision making. Procedures are established in some circumstances to indicate specific courses of action which should be followed. Deviation from procedures should only occur at the discretion of management.

This document has been written to provide standards and to establish continuity of methods, procedures, and terminology, which will provide for efficient performance of duties. This document divided into several sections and an appendix as follows:

The guidelines and procedures defined in this document are not intended to be all encompassing. It is recognized that activities will become guidelines and procedures by informal means. This is totally acceptable and satisfactory. The guidelines and procedures outlined in this document are considered to be sufficiently critical as to require articulation with the precision written communication affords.

All Enterprise Applications staff are requested to familiarize themselves with this document to ensure proper understanding and maintenance of these guidelines and procedures. It should also be recognized that guidelines and procedures should be dynamic and change as the environment changes. Administrative Systems staff are, therefore, encouraged to communicate the existence of outdated and ineffective guidelines and procedures.