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Development Guidelines and Procedures

Inter-Related Systems

Advanced system development utilizing Powerhouse products often mandates the access of multiple databases or data files from one Powerhouse dictionary. To facilitate inter-system development dictionary source files must be separated to allow multiple database Powerhouse dictionaries to be created from the same source files used to create single database Powerhouse dictionaries. When such a dictionary exists each IT staff member is responsibile to ensure that updates to database and data file structures are communicated to those who need to know. Refer to the naming conventions outlined above for more information.

System Interfaces

Carefully scrutinize on-line requirements before choosing the type of interface to be used and discuss this interface with your manager prior to design.

Communication Requirements

Contact the IT staff member of all interfacing systems when:


Whenever a system updates another system, that fact must be noted in the Powerhouse dictionary source (File description) of the interfaced system.