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HP3000 (HP1) Server Account Information


This web page provides further information regarding the HP3000 Server section of the security document sent via Email to selected indivduals on campus who are responsible for reviewing computer security access. This includes an explanation, example listing, definitions, and action recommendations.


The HP3000 Server (HP1) accounts listed in the document sent via Email to you were identified as being related to this group or department by extracting information from the HP1 Security/3000 Menu System.

Please read the When to Take Action section below to determine when concern/contact is warranted. The HP3000 Group is found in this section of the document labeled as "Group:". In the example below the group name is Account as seen in the label: (Group: Account).

Example Listing

(Group: Account)
HP3000 Server Section
Account Information
Login Account Name Expires Last Access Service
doejane,account.admin Doe, Jane No 10/01/05 (HP1) [HP3000]
smitjohn,account.admin Smith, John 12/1/06 Unused! Added: 05/25/05 (HP1) [HP3000]


HP3000 Login
The string of characters or numbers (normally 8 or less) followed by the appropriate HP User and HP Account names utilized to login to the HP3000 Server or HP1. In the example above doejane,account.admin and smitjohn,account.admin are the HP3000 login accounts.
Name The full name identified with this account.
Expires The date listed indicates when the account will expire or be disabled. In the example above the first account, doejane, has no expiration date set. The second account, smitjohn, expires December 1st, 2006. The account holder and responsible account holder, if applicable, will receive an Email at both 30 days and 15 days prior to the disable of the account.
Last Access The date listed indicates the last time the account was accessed. In the example above the first account, doejane, was last accessed October 1st, 2005. The second account, smitjohn, has never been accessed since being created May 25th, 2005.

When to Take Action

If any one of the following situations listed below exist please contact the ISU Helpdesk to have them correct the access. Sending an Email to the ISU Helpdesk, noting changes, is the preferred method of contact. If the situation is considered critical please contact the ISU Helpdesk by phone at 282-HELP.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

(Updated 04/06/2006)