Web Services Council

Miscellaneous System Information

Miscellaneous Information is available for varied reasons generally related to application systems.

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HP1 (HPe3000) Server Scheduled Down Time
This document reports when the HP1 system is scheduled to be unavailable due to backup and/or maintenance procedures. Also listed are the services impacted.
Name Change, ID/SSN Change, Merge systems
This document attempts to list the application systems included in the automated Name Change, ID Change, SSN Change and Record Merge procedures.
Network Registrar (NetReg) Device Coding Conventions
Coding conventions for Network Registrar records are reported in this document in an effort to standardize coding methods in this system.
Powerhouse Web Queue Management Values
The queuing system utilizes some complex procedures and settings for determining resource availability. This documents attempts to document these settings/values.
Portal Web Services Availability Schedule
The MyISU and FSTools portals are scheduled to be available 24/7 during the week with the exception of periods for backup and maintenance. This document reports this schedule and services or applications impacted.