Web Services Council

Network Registrar Device Coding Conventions

This document provides guidelines for entering new records into the Network Registrar System in order to enable a computing device for wireless or DHCP.

When adding or changing a record in the Network Registrar System the "User Defined String" should be coded in the following three field, colon delimited format:


Caution: there should be no spaces in-between fields...

It is recommended that all fields be entered in lowercase.

Device Types
Code Short Definition Protocol
pnb Personal Notebook Wireless
pda Palm/Pocket PC Type Device Wireless
isunb ISU Notebooks for Checkout Wireless
lab ISU Lab Computers DHCP
kiosk ISU Kiosk Computers DHCP
multi Multi Use Card Wireless
deskt Desktop Computers DHCP
tabl Tablet Computers Wireless
instr Instructor Station in Classroom DHCP
dock Docking Station for Notebook DHCP
unkn Unknown Device Default