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Responsible Account Holder Information


This web page provides information regarding the Responsible Account Holder Section of the security document sent regularly via Email to those individuals responsible for selected computer accounts. This includes an explanation, example listing, definitions, and action recommendations.

The account or individual listed in this section of the document has been identified as responsible for all accounts listed.


The Responsible Account Holder Information listed in the document sent to you was either provided by you at the time your account was created or extracted from the Payroll or Student Information data base at the time your account was created.

Please read the When to Take Action section below to determine when concern/contact is warranted.

Example Listing

Responsible Account Holder Section
Account Holder Information
Responsible Account: smitjohn
Account Holder Name: Smith, John
Email Address: smitjohn@isu.edu
Phone Number: (208)282-5555


Responsible Account
Network account name for the Responsible Account Holder
Account Holder Name
Full name of the responsible account holder
Email Address
Email address utilized to communicating with you
Phone Number
Contact phone number
(Preferably an on-campus number)

When to Take Action

If any one of the situations listed below exist, please contact the ISU Helpdesk to have them correct the access. Replying to the Email, noting changes, is the preferred method of contact. If the situation is considered critical please contact the ISU Helpdesk by phone at 282-HELP.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

(Updated 04/06/2006)