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Early in 1996, we began looking for an economical web server that would run on our HP3000 that would allow us to provide web access to the many Administrative Systems that we have. Our search lead us to a product called "QWEBS" developed by Quintessential School Systems. QWEBS was a full-response web server written in COBOL. The advantage of this system was that it allowed us to work in the regular MPE environment using the utilities on the HP3000 that we are familiar with.

In the year 2000 a new product became available called Powerhouse Web from Cognos. All development since has been focused on this product. This includes moving all previous web-based development and adding numerous new applications.

Web Development

Our first efforts at web development were focused on providing Students at ISU with the information available to Students who logged on to the HP3000 thru basic terminal emulation which has been available since the mid 1980's. This development effort soon provided access to general admissions information, class schedules, etc..

Development quickly added many new student applications and along with new applications for Faculty and Staff. Soon Faculty and Staff were accessing university information in support of their jobs. This included class lists (optionally with student pictures), student advising information, accounting information, etc..

We also began development of applications that were more than just for viewing information in university databases. Undergraduate and Graduate Admission Applications were developed using javascript and perl. Email was also utilized for the submission of forms for address changes, etc..

Now with Powerhouse Web we have moved ahead rapidly with the development of portals, one for students and one for faculty/staff. New online applications include registration, grading, purchase requisition, etc.. For more detailed information on available services through the ISU Portals click on one of the links below.

MyISU Available Services

FSTools Available Services


More self-service applications will continue to be added for both students and university employees.