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The Administrative Systems section of Idaho State University Computing and Communications maintains and develops application software solutions to support offices throughout campus. Large volumes of data are maintained which are critical to the operation of the University.

Topics covered in the User Guide cover a wide range of topics. A link to an index is provided at the left and and also at the bottom of this page. If you find any information inaccurate or out-of-date you are encouraged to send an email to the Help Desk.

Information acquired in one office may often be very beneficial to other departments. Although a specific office may be the designated caretaker of the information, access to specific data from another department's system may provide timely information needed to help someone better perform their duties. Certainly student data acquired by Registrar and Records, College of Technology, Student Affairs, Financial Aids, and others can be used by the Counseling & Testing Center and Academic Skills Center, as well as all academic departments in counseling students. Departments are encourage to provide access to information potentially beneficial in other areas on campus. User Guide Table of Contents