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Central Property Item Information


A screen is available that allows you to view information about the items on ISU's property inventory. You can use this screen to find out how much an item originally cost, or when it was purchased. You can also see a detailed description of the item.


To use the screen, you must have an account on the HP1 computer. You may access the screen if you log on to the Admin, AD2, or ISU accounts. At the main choose 'ISU Interdepartmental Systems', then 'CPI Item Lookup' and the screen image shown below will appear.

A. CPI Item Screen

CPI Item Screen

B. Supported Actions

The screen allows you to find items based either on the Department Code or the Tag Number. The department code is the first six digits of your department's account number. The tag number is the six digit number that appears on the ISU inventory sticker that is on each inventoried item.

To Find a record type F in the Action field. The screen first prompts for a DEPT-CODE. Enter the department code to be viewed and press (RETURN). One-by-one each item that belongs to the department will display. Press (RETURN) to see additional records. If you do not want to view all the items for a department, but only want a specific item, press (RETURN) to skip the prompt for the department code. The screen then prompts for a tag number. Enter the tag number to display that item's information and press (RETURN). (Hint: Remember to enter all leading 0's.)

C. Description of Fields