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Reflection File Transfer


Reflection is a terminal emulation program that runs on IBM PC compatibles and Macintosh computers. A terminal emulator is a program which allows a personal computer to act like an HP terminal and thus allows access to the HP3000 computers. Without a terminal emulator, the personal computer cannot communicate with the HP3000 because each machine speaks a different language. With Reflection the client can do what a true HP terminal can, The models of the Reflection program that are offered on the site license include both DOS and Windows based versions of Reflection 1 Plus.

File Transfer

One of the most useful but often-overlooked features of Reflection is the ability to transfer files from the PC to an HP3000 or from an HP3000 to a PC. A file transfer is the process of copying a PC file to the HP3000 computer. The copy is electronically transferred to the HP3000 and is stored on disks. Some reasons for transferring files between computers are:

An office routinely shares information with another office located across campus. Both offices have reflection because both need to use HPList and other utility programs on the HP3000. Whenever information from the other office is needed, the client calls their secretary and has them print a copy and mail. Usually, this information is contained in a Lotus 123 worksheet, which both offices use to calculate budgetary information. One day, a vital piece of information gets lost in the mail.

The answer to both problems is to use Reflection's file transfer capability. In the first example, Reflection could be used to transfer the file from the first PC's hard disk to the HP3000. Once the file is on the HP3000, the client can transfer it from there onto the second PC's hard disk. All formatting and textual attributes remain intact. In the second example, Reflection could be used to transfer a file to the HP3000 and then release its security restrictions. This allows the other office to log onto the HP3000 and transfer the file to their PC.

File Transfers using Reflection

All file transfers are done from the same WRQ File Transfer Dialog box. When sending or receiving files the direction of transfer is determined by which transfer button used. Use the right transfer button to send a file to the host and the left transfer button to receive a file from the host. This dialog box allows files to be transferred between the host and PC using any combination of the following methods:

Note: If advanced program support is needed, contact the Help Desk for assistance at 282-HELP.