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MPE/iX Operating System

MPE/iX System Commands

MPE/iX commands allow you to request various system operations, as well as initiate, control, and terminate programs. MPE/iX commands can be entered singly, or combined under a client defined command (UDC) or command file name to facilitate command entry. Each command consists of:

A colon prompt (required)

A command name (required)

A list of options


These commands are available on request from the Select Menu "make a selection" prompt or when using QEDIT. Some of the more useful MPE/iX commands available are described below, along with instructions on how to get more detailed information on MPE/iX commands. Note: When using Qedit to enter these commands, the colon (:) prompt does not need to be included.

Command Descriptions

Getting Help

:HELP - Accesses the MPE/iX help subsystem. Use :HELP for further information on the MPE/iX commands described in this section.
(If you are in Qedit, you need to use the colon or you will see Qedit's help)

Managing Sessions (direct interaction with the computer)

:HELLO - Initiates an interactive session

:REPORT - Displays the amount of disk space the files in your group use, the number of minutes you have been connected to the computer since the beginning of the month, and the number of seconds CPU (Central Processing Unit) processing time actually used since the beginning of the month.

:SHOWME - Displays information concerning your current session including the session number, group and account names, time andv date you initially logged on, etc.

:SHOWOUT - Displays information concerning any output (Reports, etc.) that are waiting to print.

Managing Files

:LISTF - Lists the names and sizes of permanent disc files

:PURGE - Deletes a file

:RENAME - Changes the name/lockword of a file

Utility Operations

:COPY - Copies data from one file to another

:SHOWTIME - Displays current time and date

:TELL - Sends a message to another session