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Administrative Printing


The purpose of this document is to inform staff of the various options available for printing administrative system data.

Printing Options

Hewlett Packard's high speed laser printer, the HP LaserJet 9000hnf

This printer provides up to 50 pages per minute. The print resolution of the HP9000 is 1200dpi. Listed below are some issues that you need to be aware of.

This paper is not "joined" or "continuous-feed" like the paper printed on our old HP2680A. The HP9000 uses the same type of paper as their laserJet counterparts: single separated sheets or "cut-sheet" paper.

By default, printing will occur on 3-hole punched paper. The computer system support analyst can change jobs that require non 3-hole punched paper.

HP Laserjet Printer

The Computer Center will also provide a lower speed HP LaserJet printer for special jobs. This printer is connected to the campus network backbone. This allows application printing from your PC or networked application. Please contact the ISU Helpdesk for assistance at 282-HELP.

Departmental Printer

The Computer Center has the ability to establish a link between our Administrative System (HP1) and a departmental printer that allows printing of documents from the administrative system, directly. Contact the ISU Helpdesk (282-HELP) for costs and procedures to set this up in your department.

This is the most productive solution in that the printing of documents is nearly immediate and occurs within the office that requires the document. This solution also allows departmental staff to send reports to the printer from their networked PC or application.

Electronic Document Storage Called DocManager Rather than Printing

Another alternative is to send the document to VIP DocManager (DocMan) instead of actually printing the document. DocMan is an electronic document storage and retrieval system. This option provides the most economical and ecological solution since no paper is produced. (See the section of the Administrative User Guide that pertains to DocMan for additional information.) This option also provides productivity improvements in that large documents can be indexed and quickly searched on-line.