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Security/3000 Menu System


In 1995, an application called Security/3000 was purchased to provide access to our HP3000 computer in a more secure environment.

This system is very structured, and provides access to a specified menu of options biased on a login ID and password.


After logging on using Security/3000, a standard menu appears with up to 7 standard choices that can be selected including a Department System Application option (if applicable), Accounting Information Lookup, Payroll Information Lookup, Student Information Lookup, Misc Interdepartmental Systems, System Utilities, and System Configuration options. An -> on the right hand side of the screen indicates that you will be going to a sub-menu which will have additional options available. An item in parenthesis [i.e. (SIQK200)] along the right hand side of the menu indicates that you will be running a quick screen, a batch job, or a utility that is known to your Administrative Support Analyst by the name in parenthesis. This will allow us to resolve problems more quickly as they arise on specified menu items.

The items listed on your menu may not be the same as those for someone else in your office. Each individual is required to login to the HP3000 using a client id created uniquely for that individual. These unique IDs will be similar in format to the login names assigned when a network account is created. This requirement will secure each session to a specified individual. This setup allows security to be setup by individual login id. Some or all items in a menu will display based on your security access to them. If items do not appear on your menu and you feel that you need access to them, contact your Administrative Support Analyst.

Security/3000 will require each individual to change their unique password at least every 3 to 6 months. The up side of this is that each individual will be given the ability to manage their own password using an option from the System Configuration menu off of the main Security/3000 menu.

Another feature available is the ability to lock up your terminal if you will be leaving for an unspecified period of time. The screen will remain locked up until you re-type your unique password. If you leave your computer for too long the system will attempt to warn you before automatically logging you off the system.

Standard Menu

Below is an example of what the standard menu looks like after logging onto the HP3000. Item 'Department System Application' will go to a menu which will give you access to an Administrative System(s) developed specifically for your Department. Item 'Accounting Information Lookup' will give you access to a menu listing the options available for general use to lookup budget related information on the ISU Accounting System (See Accounting Information elsewhere in this manual.). Item 'Payroll Information Lookup' will give you access to a menu of options available from the payroll system for Time-Entry and Time-Card printing (See Payroll elsewhere in this manual). Item 'Student Information Lookup' will give you access to the many different options available on the ISU Student Information System (See Student Information elsewhere in this manual). Item 'ISU Interdepartmental Systems' will give you access to any ISU Interdepartmental System that you may require access to. Item 'System Utilities' will give you access to a menu of utilities available on the HP3000 (i.e. HPList & Labels, Status, Sheetmate, File Copy, Qedit, Xpress, etc...). Item 'System Configuration' will go to a menu that will allow you to change your password or to a menu showing current System Statistics for your login session.

Remember, if you do not see one or more of the menu items mentioned on your individual Security/3000 Menu, you do not have authorization to access the selected item. If you have questions regarding your menu, please contact your Administrative Support Analyst.

Sec/3000 Main Menu Template


Security (See Security elsewhere in this manual) has been incorporated in Security/3000 through the use of a personalized id system. Menus are assigned to each individual based on their login ID, and their personal password. Access to programs and utilities is managed by an individuals login ID. Each individual is given his/her own personal login password, restricting access to others as long as the password is kept confidential. Sharing passwords is greatly discouraged. If others need access to a program they need to contact their Administrative Support Analyst in the Computer Center. If password security has been lost or breached, use the System Configuration option to change your personal password Immediately.