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Using Status

Status is a software package that allows clients to view their $STDLISTs on-line, and/or copy them to the laser printer. The job must finish running before Status has access to the $STDLIST.

To invoke the program simply select Status from the 'System Utilities' menu. At this time a >> will appear. This is the prompt for the client to enter one of the commands allowed in Status.

$STDLISTs are kept on the system for a total of 6 log periods (including today). A new log period begins at 6:00 a.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sunday's $STDLISTs are contained in the log period that ends Monday at 6:00 a.m. Today is log period 0. When running the Status program it defaults to log period 0. The prompt characters inform the client which log period is being accessed. If the prompt is '>>' then log 0 is being displayed. If the prompt is '>1>' then log period 1 is being displayed. Log period 1 was yesterday, log period 2 was the day before yesterday, and so on. If the client logs on Monday after 6:00 a.m. log period 1 will have Saturday's and Sunday's $STDLISTs.

Status Commands

Lists all $STDLISTs in the current log period that correspond to the client's logon. To list the $STDLIST information for J453, enter 'Show #J453'. To list only $STDLISTs with exceptions or errors add ':EX' to the command.

Lists all $STDLISTs in all 6 log periods that correspond to the client's logon. All of the examples above can be used with Showall also.

Log n
Changes log period. (n is 0 to 5.)

Searches the current log period for a string. To list all Quiz jobs that ran for the current log period, enter 'Search "QUIZ"'. Both string and $STDLIST text are upshifted before comparing.

Accesses a $STDLIST for use by Find, List, or Copy. The client can either text in the $STDLIST using the job number 'Text #J453' or by using the file number 'Text 16'.

Searches the texted in file for a string. Both string and $STDLIST text are upshifted before comparing.

Lists lines of the texted in file. To list only lines that are exceptions or errors enter 'List Ex'. To list the last line of the file enter 'List Last'. To list the entire file enter 'List All'. To list a range of lines such as 1 through 10, enter 'List 1/10'.

Copies all or part of the text in file to the printer for a hard copy listing. To copy the entire file to the computer center large laser printer using a landscape environment, enter 'Copy All, LP'. To copy the entire file using a portrait environment to the computer center large laser printer, enter 'Copy All, *Portlj'. To copy a range of lines to the printer such as lines 1 through 10, enter 'Copy 1/10, LP'.