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Student Information (Security/3000)

Student Information Menus

This series of Student information menus will display when you choose Student Information on your main Security/3000 menu. Some or all items in the following examples will display only if you have security access to them. If items on the following menus do not appear on your menu and you feel you should have access to them, contact your computer administrative support analyst.

Student Info Menu

The SIDINF0 menu lists various submenus and programs available to access information stored in the Student Information database.

Student Information Screens Overview

(Option 1. Student Information Menu)

The following is a review of each choice on the 'Student Information Screens' menu seen below (for detailed instructions on using QUICK screens, see 'QUICK' elsewhere in this guide).

Student Info Screens

Student Information Menu Screen

This first screen is another menu. Each item on the menu has an ID number. Type the desired ID number on the left while in the Action field and press (RETURN). Select from the following options:

Student Info DB Inquiry Screen







01 Student Data Screens

By entering 01 in the Action field on this menu, the Student Information Lookup screen will display. The client will be prompted for the Student's ID number. If the ID is not known, enter H for help in the Student ID field. This will run a name lookup screen. Once the person on the name-lookup screen is located, enter the line ID number on the left of the name and press (RETURN) (See Name Lookup below).

Student Info Lookup

Name Lookup

In many student information screens you can lookup a Student's ID by accessing the screen below. Simply enter an 'H' for help in the Student ID field and follow the directions on the screen.

Name Lookup

Four flags are displayed on the Name Lookup screen indicating where information for the student can be found in the Student Information database.

These Flags are:
ADM = Student Information database
LOC = Locator database
INQ = Inquiry database
TRN = Transcript database

When returning to the Student Information Lookup screen the selected student's information is displayed if there is a Y in the ADM flag. If not, a message will display at the bottom of the screen indicating no records were found. If the desired student is not found, type "^" in the Action field, press F8 to return to the previous screen, or press (RETURN) to enter another Student ID. When the student's information is displayed on the screen, you may view the following additional information: address, transcripts, class schedule, academic admission, and test scores. Simply type the number next to the desired item shown at the bottom of the screen (ie. 01, 02, 03, 04, or 05) in the Action field. To view transcript information when no student information record is found, exit to the previous screen and select the Transcript Inquiry Screen.

Options Available on the Student Information Lookup Screen:

01 Address Inquiry screen displays four address records: permanent, local, emergency, and employment.

02 Transcript Screen displays all transcript information.

03 Class Schedule Inquiry screen displays class schedule records for a selected session. This information is usually kept one year. To view previous class schedule information refer to the section on Student History/Tracking.

04 Academic Admission screen displays student academic admission information.

05 Test scores screen displays results of various tests the student has taken. ACT and SAT score information is not stored here and can be viewed in the Admission's screen.

To return to the previous screen, type '^' in the Action field and press (RETURN) or press F8. Typing '^^' in the Action field returns you to the main Student Information Menu screen.

02 Course Inquiry Screen

Course information can be found by entering either the Index number or the Session, Department, Course and Section. When the information on the course is displayed enter 01 in the Action field and press (RETURN) to view the class list of students. You must enter the index number for this on-line class report. The index number is not passed from the course screen so make a note of it prior running to the class list. After entering the index number in response to the prompt, press (RETURN). There may be a slight delay before the information is printed on the screen, depending on the number of people using the system. When enough information is printed to fill the screen, the listing will pause and a '?' will display. This allows the client to view the list one screen full at a time. Press (RETURN) when ready to continue.

Course Inquiry

03 Class Schedule Inquiry

This screen displays a student's class schedule. It is the same screen as the class schedule screen accessed from the Student Information Lookup screen except the Student's ID number and the session must be entered. If the Student ID is not known, type H for help in the Student ID field to run the alphabetic name lookup screen. The Student's ID will be passed from the Name Lookup screen to this screen automatically by entering the line ID number of the desired student. The student's classes will then display.

For Course information relating to a specific class enter the Class ID line number in the Action field and press (RETURN).

Class Schedule Inquiry

04 Transcript Inquiry Screens

This screen displays transcript information. Enter 'H' for help in the Student ID field to run the Name Lookup screen. The client has the option of choosing additional information on ISU credits, Non-ISU credits, or Degrees by entering 01, 02, or 03 in the Action field. (NOTE - If the complete flag is not Y, all transcript information may not be complete.) When in the ISU or Non-ISU credits screen the client will be prompted for the school. Enter U for undergraduate work, G for graduate work, V for ApTech work, or simply press return for retrieval of all information. Enter ?? in the Action field for an explanation of the fields displayed on the screen. The explanation of the grade flag indicates how the grade is printed on the official transcript and how it is used in the GPA calculations. The Degree screen prints only those degrees that have been posted.

Transcript Info Inquiry

Transcript ISU Credits

Transcript Non-ISU Credits

Transcript Degrees Inquiry

05 Class List

This selection will print a class list to the terminal. Enter the Index number for the class and the program prints the information on the screen. After each page of data is displayed there will be a ? at the bottom of the screen. Press (RETURN) when ready to continue with the listing.

Class List Report

06 Course Report (to terminal)

This selection prints information on the screen about a specific course. The client is prompted for the index numbers, one at a time, until (RETURN) is pressed without entering a number. After viewing the information, press (RETURN) to go back to the menu screen. To list a range of index numbers, use the Course Report (to laser printer) on the main menu screen.

07 Course Report (to laser printer)

This selection prints information for a range of courses to the laser printer in the computer center. The client is prompted for a beginning and ending Index number. If this program is run by accident, press and hold down the CTRL key and then press Y and release to stop the job.

Course Report

08 Transcripts (ISU credits/slave printer)

This selection will print a student's ISU credits transcript records to a slaved (attached) printer. The data will not display on the screen. Respond to the prompt for the Student's ID number. This information is NOT the same as the official transcript. This same information can be viewed by accessing the Student Information Lookup screen.

ISU Credits on Transcript

For more complete transcript information choose the Transcripts Report option on the Security/3000 Student Information menu.

Academic Admissions Inquiry

This screen is a lookup version of the information entered by the Admissions office. The ACT/SAT scores are included in this screen as well as most the information displayed in the STUDINFO screen.

Name Change Inquiry

This screen displays student records that have had a name change. The client may find the name by either the former or current name.

Name Change

Address Inquiry

The address inquiry screen displays all addresses for a student: permanent, local, emergency, and employment.

History/Tracking Inquiry

These screens display historical information on students. Some data prior to 1992 may be partial information. The Cohort Date indicates the beginning of the student's post secondary education. Data on the first screen reports information gathered when the student began his/her education at ISU.

History/Tracking Database
Term History contains information about a student for that term (ie. GPA, age, admit action, status, etc.). You may run the class schedule for that semester from this screen. Class schedule history records begin with the fall of 1992.

Non-ISU GPA/Credits screen displays transfer GPA and credits by term (fall, summer and spring).

Test Scores screen displays a students various test score results.

The Athletic Information screen displays athletic history information extracted from the Athletic database.

The Finaid Information screen displays financial aid information starting with the Fall of 1994.

Course Section Inquiry

This screen prompts for an index number or session, department code, and course number. All sections of the course are displayed, including the status of open, closed or canceled.

Building/Room Schedule Inquiry

This screen displays all scheduled courses/meetings/workshops for a particular building and room for a selected session. You will be prompted for the building code, the room number and the desired session. Information displayed will show the session/dept/course/sec, days held, start and stop times, and start and stop dates.

Campus Building Codes

ADMIN - Administration Bldg
AIR - Aviation Mechanics
B H - Baldwin Hall
B A - Business Admin Bldg
BRMC - Bannock Regional Medical Center
CLIN - Dental Clinic
COL - Colonial
COUNS - Student Health(Counseling)
D A - Dental Arts
D S - Diesel Shop
DB - Dowling Bldg
ED - Education Bldg
F A - Fine Arts Bldg
FRAZ - Frazier Hall
GRAV - Gravely Hall
GYM - Reed Gym
HEVTE - Home Economics Bldg
HOLT - Holt Arena
I C - Industrial Crafts Bldg
INST - LDS Institute
L A - Liberal Arts
L C - Lecture Hall, Life Science Complex
L S - Life Science Bldg
L H - Leonard Hall
LEL - Lillibridge Engineering Lab
LIBR - Library
M A - Medical Arts Bldg
MUSE - Museum Bldg
NURS - Nursing Bldg
P S - Physical Science
PSUB - Pond Student Union
REC - Recreation Facility
RFC - RFC Bldg Phase 3 ©
RFC1 - RFC Bldg Phase 1 (A)
RFC2 - RFC Bldg Phase 2 (B)
SHC - Student Health Center
SPA - Speech Pathology
ST - St. John's Center
T&T - Trade and Technology
TV - Television class
UBC - University Bible Church
UNIV - University Place
VOART - Vocational Arts Bldg

Bldg/Room Schedule Screen

Building/Room Schedule Inquiry

Transfer Inquiry

Transfer Credit Inquiry screen is set of screens displaying transfer student information that has been evaluated but has not yet passed to the transcript database. Information in this database does not pass to the transcript database until a transfer student pre-registers for an ISU class.

Transfer Inquiry Screen

Transfer Classes

Transfer Notes

Transfer Degrees

Test Scores Inquiry

This screen displays student test score information except ACT and SAT(see Admission's Inquiry screen for ACT and SAT scores).

Degree/Major/Option Code Inquiry

This screen displays valid ISU degrees and all valid majors, major options and minors for the degree.

Transcript Hold Inquiry

This screen displays if a student has a hold on his/her transcript and the reason. Transcripts are mainly held for non-payment of fees, loans, etc.

Advisor and Miscellaneous Reports

(Option 2. Student Information Menu)

Lists various advisor and miscellaneous reports available:

Advisor and Miscellaneous Reports

Course, Class Schedule, Class List Reports

(Option 3. Student Information Menu)

Most report descriptions are self-explanatory and will either print to the terminal (term), slave or attached printer (slave or LJ), or to the laser printer in the computer center. You will be prompted for values for the selection criteria. Answer prompts as requested by the program.

Lists various reports available for courses, classes lists, and class schedules.

Course and Class Reports

The Class list to disk option will prompt for index numbers then run a program that will transfer the file to your PC's hard disk drive or floppy disk drive. Sheetmate is the utility used to transfer the file (see section on Sheetmate in the User Guide). The file created by the class list program is passed to Sheetmate automatically (normally you will be prompted for the file to be passed). Answer all additional prompts to complete the file transfer.

Transcript Reports

(Option 4. Student Information Menu)

Displays transcript information. This is available only if you have security access to student transcripts.

Transcript Reports

Special Processing (Credit override, Permit flags, etc.)

(Option 5. Student Information Menu)

Options are only available to those with special processing needs. This menu will display only for those given access to special processing functions.

Special Processing

Complete Class Schedule Menu

(Option 6. Student Information Menu)

Provides access to a variety of Class Schedule Reports:

Class Schedule Reports

The other options on the Student Information Menu are available only to those granted access permission. Contact your computer administrative support analyst if you have questions.