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¤ Welcome to the ISU GK-12

The Graduate Students in K-12 Education (GK-12) Program is a three-way partnership between ISU, local industry and K-12 schools in the greater Pocatello area. The goal of GK-12 is to improve science education in Southeast Idaho by involving K-12 students in locally relevant science and engineering activities.

Since 2004, this unique partnership has impacted over 5000 local K-12 students, as well as over 40 ISU graduate students and 50 K-12 teachers. Some of these high school students have chosen to go to college and/or become scientists or engineers because of the mentoring provided by their ISU GK-12 fellow.

In class these K-12 students are:
gk1 (17K)

  • Creating bacterial fuel cells
  • Building award winning robots
  • Evaluating the health of the Snake & Portneuf Rivers and tributaries
  • Studying the effects of wildfires on local soils
  • Studying the probability and effects of Portneuf River flooding


The GK-12 program places 11 graduate studentsgk2 (39K)from Idaho State University (ISU) into K-12 Science, Math & Engineering for 10 hours per week for an entire school year.

Teacher-Graduate Student partners implement inquiry based science and engineering curricula that are aligned to the state standards.

The GK-12 program supports graduate fellowships, and teacher stipends and participation costs such as supplies.


The program is funded by the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Graduate Teaching Fellowships in K-12 (GK-12) program.


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