Dawn Schmidli Hayes NSF Graduate Fellow
Thesis Title:
Geochemical and Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of Sediments in the Neoproterozoic Uinta Mountain Group of Northern Utah.

Research Advisor:
Dr. Paul Link

Teacher Partner:
Ellisa Novy

Degree Sought:
Master of Science in Geology

University Department and/or Lab:

Description of Research:

Example of how you integrate your research into your GK-12 experience:
I plan to integrate my research into our classroom activities by a) helping students develop their own water quality projects that utilize my access to and developing expertise in ICP-MS and ICP-AES technology (students will design experiments and collect data; I will analyze the data as "practice" for my own future ICP analyses; we will analyze the data as a class), b) sharing with my students whenever possible how their learning and experimenting relates to my own research, c) bringing field and laboratory samples of my own (and of colleagues) into the classroom for my students to use in their learning and research projects, d) helping students design their own experiments about rock and soil composition that utilize the same analysis techniques I will be using in my study of rock composition.

Profile date: Sept. 2008


Dawn Hayes