Jeffrey Molitor NSF Graduate Fellow
Thesis Title:
Embedded System Design for Multiple Degrees of Freedom Smart Robotic Prosthetic Hand

Research Advisor:
Dr. Steve Chiu

Teacher Partner:
Chad Majeske

Degree Sought:
Master of Science in Measurement and Control                 

University Department and/or Lab:
Measurement and Control Engineering

Research Focus:
My professional interests include robotics, control systems, microprocessors and computers.

One example of how you integrate your research into your GK-12 experience:
The Lego robots incorporate many areas that are closely related to my interests, which are microcontrollers, mechanical design, and programming. The Lego robots are primarily geared towards the FIRST Lego League competition, which involves designing a robot that can complete specific missions. Through the process of the FIRST Lego League competition the students gain an understanding of the type of work that I am interested in.

Profile date: Sept. 2008


Jeffrey Molitor