Andrea Valle NSF Graduate Fellow

Thesis Title:

Research Advisor:
Dr. Catherine Kriloff

Teacher Partner:
Elissa Novy

Degree Sought:
Doctor of Arts

University Department and/or Lab:

Research Focus:
My primary interests in mathematics are in mathematics history and philosophy, geometry, and applied mathematics, as well as ways to make mathematics accessible to the masses. I would love to do things like Keith Devlin does - he works for Stanford's "H-Star" center, is the "Math Guy" for NPR's Weekend Edition, and has written several books which are accessible to those with a modest mathematical background. For a career goal, at present I would like to work at a liberal arts college and somehow work on the popularization of math in the general public.

Description of Research:

One example of how you integrate your research into your GK-12 experience:
Elissa has the GATE section for Irving, and I intend to have them do an ongoing project of elementary abstract algebra and geometry where they will study symmetry groups and their applications in art and science. We will also do long-term weather data collection and do some studies on that information.

Profile date: September 2009

Andrea Valle