Cara Sonnemann NSF Teaching Partner

Pocatello Community Charter School

Years Teaching:

BS Biology from Hope College, MNS Biological Sciences from Idaho State University

Graduate Partner:
Amanda Fisher

Special Accomplishments/Interests:
I want my students to learn about what is in their "own back yard." I do a number of projects designed to familiarize the students with the school ecosystem and the geology of the Pocatello area.

I started a "Tree Hugger" group at our school and this year we will be working on starting a school-wide vermicomposting program.

How will you integrate an aspect of GK-12 and your partnership with a graudate fellow into your teaching, educational philosophy, etc.?
Currently, my GK12 Fellow, Amanda Fisher, is helping us set-up plots we hope to eventually plant with native plants. These plots will serve as the source of native seeds for the rest of our school grounds for many years to come. Each year I will add new plots the students will adopt. We have already been out collecting seed from nearby City Creek and she has the students creating a reference plant collection also for use in future years.

Profile date: Sept. 2009


Cara Sonnemann