Carol Smith NSF Teaching Partner

Taylorview Junior High

Years Teaching:

BS Soil Science from California Polytechnic University, BS Secondary Science Education
from University of Wyoming.

Graduate Partner:
Brandy Janzen

Special Accomplishments/Interests:
My professional goal is to continue to improve student outcomes by using the inquiry model of teaching science. This is my third year of participation in the GK-12 program. I also am a participant in the ISU physics department PTRA grant. It is a three year program, this is the second year.

How will you integrate an aspect of GK-12 and your partnership with a graudate fellow into your teaching, educational philosophy, etc.?
District 91 has recently adopted a new science curriculum that is entirely inquiry based. Having a GK12 fellow will help me in adapting and presenting lessons using the inquiry model. My GK12 fellow will also be interacting with students during labs to question and make them think and reason like scientists.

Profile date: Sept. 2009


Carol Smith