Gail Dutton NSF Teaching Partner

Hawthorne Middle School

Years Teaching:

BS in Business Finance from Brigham Young University and completed teaching credentials at Idaho State University.

Graduate Partner:
Kris Murray

Special Accomplishments/Interests:
I enjoy furthering the use of technology in the classroom to increase teacher productivity and improve student learning. In the mid 90s, I was instrumental in the establishment of the wide area network for School District 25. My latest work in computer technology is the creation of a a system that allows access of teaching materials across the school district. It includes about 40 books, 600 lessons, several support softwares and supplementary materials. Lastly, I have been fortunate enough to be a five time finalist in the annual Simplot Teacher of the Year recognition.

How will you integrate an aspect of GK-12 and your partnership with a graudate fellow into your teaching, educational philosophy, etc.?
Engineering is the core of my current subject matter and much of engineering is the core to problem solving. Therefore, I will being accessing the GK12 Fellow’s, Kris Murray, knowledge and expertise to enhance students problem solving skills. Specifically, in the areas of the First Lego League competition, the Science Olympiad competition and in developing challenging engineering based projects to further develop student problem solving skills.

Profile date: Sept. 2009


Gail Dutton