Kris Murray NSF Graduate Fellow

Thesis Title:

Research Advisor:
Dr. Bruce Savage

Teacher Partner:
Gail Dutton

Degree Sought:

University Department and/or Lab:

Research Focus:
Civil/Environmental Engineering

Description of Research:
My research will comprise of three tasks. The primary task is to measure the accuracy of irrigation flow measurement devices in South Eastern Idaho to get an overall view of the accuracy in this part of the country.

The second task is to model a stretch of unstructured and unmeasured irrigation channel in Flow 3D. Flow 3D is a numerical analysis software that models fluid properties. Modeling in Flow 3D will allow many different flow stages to be applied to the model in attempts to create a discharge curve for that stretch of channel. This would allow for a structure less stretch of irrigation channel to be measured and monitored accurately for short amount of times, this method could allow for more accurate analysis of infiltration rates, seepage rates, and evapotranspiration rates.

The third task is to make a discharge curve for a local irrigation system structure that does not have a rating curve. This will be done using Flow 3D as well.

One example of how you integrate your research into your GK-12 experience:
I plan on taking the kids to a local stream or channel and show them how to measure the flow of that channel using the instrumentation that I use in the field. I would like to incorporate an introductory into calculus without them knowing it by showing them how to integrate using simple cross sections in order to calculate the flow.

Profile date: September 2009

Kris Murray