Wayne Hatch NSF Graduate Fellow
Thesis Title:
Development of a slide agglutination test for detection of antibodies to Blastomyces dermatitidis.

Research Advisor:
Dr. Scalarone

Teacher Partner:
Richard Call

Degree Sought:
Doctor of Arts

University Department and/or Lab:
Biological Sciences

Research Focus:
As a DA student, I am also interested in learning and experimenting with techniques to enhance student learning in the biology classroom. I am looking forward to working at the college level focusing improving pedagogical skills.

Description of Research:

One example of how you integrate your research into your GK-12 experience:
We will introduce the students to methods utilized in immunology and visit Dr. Scalarone's lab where they will have the chance to get some hand's on experience with immunological diagnostic methods. Then, we will discuss how those methods can be used in other situations.
Also, I am using my background in Microbiology to allow several of the Anatomy and Physiology students to perform a research project integrating Microbiology with Physiology.

Profile date: September 2009

Wayne Hatch