Alex Jensen NSF Graduate Fellow

Thesis Title:

Research Advisor:
Dr. Steve Chiu

Teacher Partner:
Mike Sullivan

Degree Sought:
MS in Measurements and Controls

University Department:
School of Engineering

Research Foci:
Prosthetic Hands

Description of Research:
My research will focus on a prosthetic hand ISU is designing. I will be helping program the computer chips, collectively called the embedded processor, that operate the hand. The main computer chip in the embedded processor will send commands to the other chips, which will be controlling motors for moving different fingers.

One example of how you integrate your research into your GK-12 experience:
I want to bring a prototype of a prosthetic hand that our ISU team has worked on into my GK=12 classroom. I would like to explore how principles of motion influence the hand when trying to pick up a soft, hard, ruff or smooth objects. I want students to realize how important planning and thinking ahead is when building a prototype, and how complicated the process can be. I want to help the students understand that it takes years to design and build a working model of a sophisticated prosthetic limb.

Profile date: September 2010

Alex Jensen