Mike Sullivan NSF Teaching Partner

Highland High School

Years Teaching:
18 at Public Schools, 10 at Colorado Outward Bound & ISU Outdoor Program

BS Education, Major-Physical Education, Minor-Math & Natural Sciences

Graduate Partner:
Alex Jensen

Special Accomplishments:
90% pass rate for my AP Physics students (over a 6 yr. period). Coach and mentor a FIRST Robotics team, winning a major competition and several awards.

How will you integrate an aspect of your partnership with a GK-12 Fellow into your teaching and educational philosophy?
I like the program for it’s injection of enthusiasm from the fellow and support for doing activities. The ideas from the fellow help me to broaden my perspectives of what else is important to learning. Some of the projects that I have done with GK12 fellows in the past, I continue to do. Example – a grid of lights on a cardboard science display that can be wired in either series, parallel or combination circuits. I wire it in a particular pattern and the students must use their knowledge of circuits to predict how it is wired. They can then do one test to confirm their prediction. My high school's connections to the University have improved through GK-12 participation, and I tend to utilize equipment and expertise more often now than before. Example- I did not know what resources the Engineering dept. had, so the combination of touring their facilities and going to a professional conference helped connect me to many engineering style projects. The competitions put on by the Engineering dept. help my classes explore STEM type projects in a fun manner.

Profile date: Sept. 2010


Mike Sullivan