Robert Miron NSF Teaching Partner

Century High School

Years Teaching:
6 Public School, 1 Student Teaching, 1 Teaching Assistant

1995: BA Environmental Conservation, 2004: BA in Secondary Education

Graduate Partner:
Jenny Cornell

Special Accomplishments:
Trout in the classroom, Electronics training, several Project Wild and Classroom management courses, and I am currently in my fourth year working with the NSF GK-12 Fellowship program – which has included a visit to Washington D.C for a NSF GK-12 conference.

How will you integrate an aspect of your partnership with a GK-12 Fellow into your teaching and educational philosophy?
I enjoy doing ‘hands on’ activities with students, and hope to collaborate with the GK-12 fellow to continue enriching my curriculum with real world experiences that relate the course concepts to the students’ lives.

Profile date: Sept. 2010


Robert Miron