Marsh Valley High School

Years Teaching:
This is my 5th year of teaching.

I graduated with my BS from ISU in May of 2002 with a secondary teach certificate in General Science. I have endorsements in Physical Science, Life Science and Chemistry.

Graduate Partner:

Special Accomplishments/Interests:
I really enjoy science and enjoy learning new and different things.

How will you continue to integrate an aspect of GK-12 and your partnership with graduate students into your teaching, philosophy, etc.?
While participating in the GK12 program one of the things that I have learned that I will always integrate into my teaching and life is that people will rise to the opportunity. If given the chance to learn, grow and experience things, most students will take the challenge and learn. The more they learn, the more they want to learn. Lots of praise and encouragement is needed to start the process but once the student is in the cycle, they achieve great things. The more of the world and the opportunities that I can expose students to, the more likely they will become highly productive citizens as adults.

How has the GK-12 experience changed you, and how has your participation changed the GK-12 project?
The Gk-12 experience has helped me refocus on things that I have always thought were important but get lost in the every day teaching. The importance of being exposed to various things to make informed decisions. How important encouragement and excitement can take a student. How exciting it is to step out of your comfort zone and grow and also how vulnerable we are when out of our comfort zone. That the cycle of learning begins and grows with experience, encouragement and excitement.

The Gk-12 project has grown by the addition of Marsh Valley to the FIRST teams. It has also gained much more awareness in the community. Because of my involvement there are two other teachers that will be participating next year.

Profile date: April 2007