Taylorview Jr. H.S. School District #91

Years Teaching:
This is my 20th year of teaching.

I graduated with from Virginia in 1980 with a BS in Biology and a minor Chemistry.

Graduate Partner:

Special Accomplishments/Interests:
I have endorsements in Physical Science, Life Science and Natural Science. I received my Teaching Credentials from Colorado State. I enjoy teaching and creating new activities based on "hands on approach".

How will you continue to integrate an aspect of GK-12 and your partnership with graduate students into your teaching, philosophy, etc.?
Participation in the GK-12 Programs has been enjoyable and beneficial. I have enjoyed meeting ISU faculty, fellow teachers, fellows, and attending meetings and seminars. I have incorporated much more inquiry in my classroom as a result of GK-12. I have modified exiting labs and created new ones with more inquiry. I have had opportunities to have in depth discussions about issues like water quality with ISU faculty and fellows. I frequently bring information or ideas I have learned back into the classroom, benefiting my students. My students have genuine affection for my fellow and look forward to his weekly visits.

How has the GK-12 experience changed you, and how has your participation changed the GK-12 project?
GK-12 has been beneficial in that it has exposed me to new ideas and has challenged me to constantly evaluate my teaching methodologies. I have relied less and less on teaching from a text and more and more on teaching through labs and demonstrations. It has helped to hone my understanding of science issues and methods through quality discussions with GK-12 participants.

I believe that GK-12 has helped increase student interest in science and also their interest in Idaho State University as a possible university destination.

The Gk-12 project has grown by the addition of Marsh Valley to the FIRST teams. It has also gained much more awareness in the community. Because of my involvement there are two other teachers that will be participating next year.

Profile date: April 2007