Thesis Title:
Cooperative Robots

Research Advisor:
Lawrence Stout, Idaho State University

Teacher Partner:
Vincent Wray

Degree Sought:
Master of Science in Measurement and Control

University Department and/or Lab:
Engineering School

Description of Research:
I am working on developing a communication and sensor network for multiple robots. The network needs to be low power and robust enough for robots to interact with each other. If a robot from the group gets disabled, the rest of the group must take over its task. If an external robot joins the group, the group must adapt by redistributing group tasks. The goal is for a group of robots to assist each other in carry out a task like traveling to a target while avoiding hazardous obstacles.

One example of how you integrate your research into your GK-12 experience:
In my thesis project, I am working with several sensors to allow the robot to interact with its environment. For the GK-12 program I mentor high school students in robotics. One of the main goals during the school year is to prepare and participate in a FIRST, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology competition. This program has students design, build and compete their robots in task driven competition. During the FIRST robot build period, the programming group and I installed sensors and used them to control the robot. An encoder was installed to the wheel axels and used for determining the distance the robot traveled. A camera was used to locate an illuminated target. Once the target was found, the robot autonomously drove to a specified location to carry out a task. A potentiometer sensor was used for feeding back position of a rotating turret. The students learned the importance of using sensors to allow the robot to perform a task.

Profile date: April 2007