History Department

A Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Training Manual for Historians and Historical Social Scientists

Historians and historical social scientists can now learn Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with the aid of a new, introductory training manual designed especially for them.

The creation of this training manual was proposed as part of the collaborative project Understanding Social Networks within Complex, Nonlinear Systems: Geographically-Integrated History and Dynamics GIS [SOCNET], which is supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation under Grants No. 0941371 ($1,290.704; lead project Principal Investigator Dr. J. B. Owens, Idaho State University) and No. 0941501 ($471,193; Principal Investigator Dr. May Yuan, University of Oklahoma), for a total award of $1,761,897 (2009-2013 [extended to 2014]).

Preview and download the manual below or by directly visiting our page on Scribd.


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