History Department

Graduate Program

General Degree Requirements

Students complete 30 credit hours of graduate work, at least 15 of which must be at the 6600-level.

Core courses. Complete all of the following:

Track-specific requirements. Complete one of the following:

GIS track

  • GIS for Social Sciences (HIST 5589)

Digital Media Track

  • Communication through Web Design (MC 5570)

An internship (HIST 6664) is required for a minimum of 3 credits.

Electives: at least enough credits at the 5500- and/or 6600-level beyond the required core courses and internship to reach the overall credit requirements. At least 3 of these credits must be for individual research, usually either HIST 6645 or HIST 6650.

The program offers both a thesis-track and a non-thesis-track; all students much choose one by their third semester of study.

There will be a final oral examination. For students pursuing the thesis option, the examination will be based on the thesis. For those with the non-thesis option, the examination will be based on the independent research project and/or internship work. The format of the non-thesis option examination will be flexible in order to accommodate a wide variety of possible student experiences.


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