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Updated on
13 October, 2017

Welcome to Records and Information Management!

Mission Statement: Records

The mission of the ISU RIM program is to provide guidance and oversee record related functions and processes which ensure that ISU records are available where and when they are needed, to whom they are needed, for only as long as they are needed in order to conduct University business, adequately document ISU activities, and to protect the interests of the University. All ISU records are required to be efficiently managed until final disposition. The RIM program ensures this requirement. Major goals of the program are to furnish accurate and complete information when required to manage and operate the organization, and to provide information and records storage at the lowest possible cost. These goals are accomplished by: Creating only necessary records while minimizing filing of duplicates; Organizing and controlling records efficiently through inventories and files planning; Storing and managing records cost effectively through the use of electronic and local files area storage, through the utilization of the Idaho State Records Center (SRC); and ensuring the proper access, preservation, and timely disposition of all records according to prevailing and applicable University, state, and federal statutes.

Contact Information

Monte G. Asche
Records Manager
Administrative Building, Room 307

Phone: 208-282-3045