Welcome to the ISU Rugby Club. Learn more about us below..

This is Ram Eddings, The Coach & Adminstrator of the Rugby program. Click the video for his introduction.


More about the ISU Rugby program..

We play one of the toughest competitve schedcules in the URU (Utah Rugby Union) often we have exbition games with schools/teams outside of our confrence, just to name a few that we played in the past & continue to play on a regular basis: Oregon State University, U.S. Air Force Academy, Unversity's of Montana, Arizona, Nebraska ,Ccolorado.


Currently we are trying to organize a womens Side, and bring womens Rugby to ISU as a varsity sport. That's one of the main goals of our Rugby program, our Mens team is strong, and we are constatnly recruting for the mens team, but we are in need of top caliber players who are interested in Womens Rugby as well.


For current ISU students that are interested in playing, or just want to come check out Rugby and see what it's all about, we have Rugby practice every Tuesday & Thursday from 4pm-6pm. For ISU Students, and prospective players alike, if you want to learn more about the program, please click the Picture below to pull up a PDF we have prepared about our Program..

Out of State Tuition Scholarship

As mentioned above by Ram, Idaho State University provides the Rugby Program with a number of out of state tuition Scholarships. What this means is that if you are not an Idaho Resident, when you come to play for ISU Rugby rather than paying $7500 a semester which is what non-residents pay, you will pay $2900 a semester as if you are a resident of Idaho.


Often enough at our Games, we have people who are confused by the fast paced Sport of Rugby. If you Aren't familiar with Rugby, we have provded the Video below to give you a basic overview of the Rules, and the Sport.

Do you have any Questions ? contact us - Ram eddirans@isu.edu or 1-208-282-3242 Web Site questions ? jonemar4@isu.edu