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Pinyon Jay Press sponsors presentations by book artists and letterpress specialists, hosts letterpress workshops for students and the general public, and prints broadsides in conjunction with faculty and guest authors. For a current listing of events, please see our blog at

Mary Laird: Letterpress Book in a Day

Mary Laird, master letterpress printer and acclaimed book artist, led two workshops at the Pinyon Jay Press in October of 2013. Ms. Laird, M.A. in Printmaking from the University of Wisconsin and proprietor of Quelquefois Press since 1969, teaches at and serves as board member for the San Francisco Center for the Book. In her workshop “Letterpress Book in a Day! An Edition of Thirty to Forty Chapbooks,” ISU students and community artists collaborated on a group theme and learned to set type, mix ink, read a pica ruler, and sew a pamphlet-stitch book. A follow-up master class instructed students in advanced typesetting, dry and damp paper preparation, ink mixing, multiple-color registration, and press mechanics.

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