Department of Psychology

Welcome to the Department of Psychology at Idaho State University.

The mission of the ISU psychology department is to educate undergraduate and graduate students in, and produce scientific knowledge about, the psychological processes that underlie behavior, including biological, environmental, individual-difference, and socio-cultural factors. This mission is advanced within programs that place a premium on critical thinking, scholarship, and the use of science-based psychological knowledge to address individual, social, and societal concerns.

Our faculty's areas of expertise include clinical, cognitive, social, developmental, personality, learning, physiological, comparative, and behavioral pharmacology.

The faculty emphasize mentoring both undergraduate and graduate students. Faculty members are actively involved in programmatic research that is designed to include students and provide them with an opportunity to collaborate with faculty on a diverse array of research projects. Psychology faculty members regularly publish research in scientific journals and present their work at international, national, and regional conferences. Finally, our department has a strong record of providing service to the university, community, and profession.

We offer a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in psychology, a Doctor of Philosophy in experimental psychology, and Doctor of Philosophy in clinical psychology. We currently have 13 faculty, 6 adjunct faculty, 4 clinical affiliates, 508 undergraduate majors, and 37 graduate students involved in our programs.

Shannon Lynch Ph.D.
Clinic Director
Nicki Aubuchon-Endsley Ph.D.
Director of Clinical Training
Steven Lawyer, Ph.D.
Director of Experimental Training
Tera Letzring, Ph.D.