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Contracting Services Available from the Lab

All stages of research including:

  • Questionnaire design, format, and printing
  • Organizing and facilitating focus groups
  • Drawing scientific samples
  • Collating and mailing survey instruments
  • Telephone surveys
  • Data entry
  • Data analysis - including focus group transcripts
  • multi-media presentations
  • Technical report writing
  • Assistance in the construction of web pages

Uses of the IFFT Social Science Methodology Lab

  • Teach advanced quantitative research methods
  • Evaluation Research
  • Instruct in data / information retrieval on the Internet
  • Teach academic courses in chat mode
  • Store, retrieve, and analyze data sets of unrestricted size using X-terminals

The IFFT lab has a gigabyte of hard disk storage that supports the storage and manipulation of large sets of data for the social sciences

Available data sets include:

  • 1987-88 National Survey of Families and Households
  • 1992-94 National Survey of Families and Households
  • Social, Economic, and Demographic Characteristics of 103 Countries
  • U.S. Bureau of Justice: Victimization Surveys 1988-1994
  • Idaho Survey of Police Mission and Fears of Crime
  • Southeastern Idaho Survey of Perceptions Relating to Moving Transuranic Waste
  • Pocatello / Chubbuck Survey of Household Economic Characteristics
  • 1990 General Social Survey
  • Idaho Census Population: 1890

A sampling of past and present projects in the social sciences

  • Analysis of Women's Economic and Social Characteristics in Southeastern Idaho
  • Assessment of Family Preservation Services in Southeast Idaho
  • Characteristics and Motivations of ISU Social Work Students
  • Data for Analyzing U.S. Census Population for the Idaho Territory in 1880
  • Data for Analyzing U.S. Census Population for the State of Idaho 1900
  • Demographic Characteristics of Respondents and Perceptions of Suicide Vulnerability
  • Demographic Profile of Idaho Counties and Contiguous States
  • Downey Quality of Life Survey, 1994
  • Exploratory Study of Suicide in Idaho
  • Focus Group Study of Public Concerns About Transporting Radioactive waste
  • Franklin County Economic Development Survey
  • Household Survey of Economic and Social Characteristics in Bannock County
  • Idaho's Homeless Children and Youth: A Survey
  • Idaho State Police Mission and Performance
  • Idaho Tax Survey, 1993
  • Iona Quality of Life Survey, 1993
  • National Survey of State Rural Development Officials, 1994-1995
  • Pocatello Neighborhood Housing Services Revitalization Plan
  • Survey of Public Perceptions of Risks Involved With Transuranic Waste Shipments to New Mexico

If you have any questions or comments about the lab, or this web page please e-mail Jim Jackson or Ann Oakes

If you are interested in the capabilities of the lab please contact Ann Oakes (208) 236-3463 or, Jim Jackson (208) 236-4773

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