John Davis

Hometown: Clearwater, Florida
BA: University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
PhD: University of Georgia


John was a postdoctoral researcher from 2009-2012, and continues to be an active collaborator with the ISU Stream Ecology Center from his position as an ORISE Fellow with the Environmental Protection Agency in Athens, GA. He received his B.Sc. from the University of Florida and Ph.D. from the University of Georgia. His doctoral research studied the effects of long-term nutrient enrichment on macroinvertebrate food webs in a detritus-based headwater stream. As a postdoctoral researcher, John continued his interest in studying the effects of land-use and global change on macroinvertebrate food web structure and function. In collaboration with researchers from ISU and various other research institutions, he participated in studies of the effects of global climate change on food webs and ecosystem processes within the Salmon River Basin, Idaho. Because climate change within this ecoregion is predicted to alter forest communities via changes in fire and precipitation regimes, these stream ecosystems may experience substantial alteration of their structure and function. By resampling study sites along the Salmon River that were originally a part of the River Continuum Project (1970's and 80's), this large-scale comparative approach has helped assess whether recent shifts in climatic, hydrologic and fire regimes have altered the Salmon River’s functional state. As the Salmon River is relatively unimpacted and unregulated, this research is allowing us to better understand how large unregulated rivers may respond to future global climate change.

Selected Publications

Rosi-Marshall, E.J., K. Vallis, C.V. Baxter and J.M. Davis. 2016. Retesting a prediction of the RCC: Autochthonous versus allochthonous resources in the diets of invertebrates from the Salmon River, ID in 1976 and 2009. Freshwater Science. In Press.

Harris, H.E., C.V. Baxter and J.M. Davis. 2015. Debris flows mediate effects of wildfire on magnitude and composition of tributary subsidies to main-stem habitats. Freshwater Science 34(4):1457–1467.

Davis, J M., C.V. Baxter, B.T. Crosby, J.L. Pierce, E. J. Rosi-Marshall. 2013. Anticipating stream ecosystem responses to climate change: toward predictions that incorporate effects via land-water linkages. Ecosystems 16: 909–922.

Davis, J M., C.V. Baxter, G.W. Minshall, N.F. Olson, C. Tang, and B.T. Crosby. 2013. Climate-induced shift in hydrologic regime alters basal resource dynamics in a wilderness river ecosystem. Freshwater Biology 58:306–319.